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COVID 19 Policy

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COVID 19 Policy

The Hub has always been regarded as a very clean and safe venue and we have always operated to a very high standard.

You can be sure we always put the safety of our guests and our team first and foremost.

 Our safety measures include:


Reduced visitor capacity

Although we could legally accept 100% of our visitor capacity, we feel that by continuing to limit our visitor numbers, our guests can enjoy a more comfortable experience. To enable social distancing, we are limiting our visitor numbers to a maximum of 70% of our venue capacity


Online pre-booked visits

To guarantee your visit, you will still need to pre-book online. With our limited capacity, our tickets do sell out, so please book in advance.


Hand sanitiser units and extra hand washing stations

Eight new hand washing stations have been installed throughout the centre, as well as hand sanitiser units at the entrance to every enclosed area and as you enter the go-karts, carousel, laser tag  and climbing activities. 


Constant cleaning

Team members will be cleaning touch points throughout the day. We have increased our cleaning team to help keep us squeaky clean. Obviously, if there are any areas you would particularly like us to focus on, please speak to any member of the team. 


Air sterilisation

We have installed 20 Hygenikx air purification units, which eliminate bacteria and viruses from the air and on exposed surfaces. The units filter the air using UV technology, without the need for chemicals


 Air ventilation

Three huge ceiling extraction units replace the air in the entire centre several times an hour


New cafe procedures

We now have single use, disposable menus and encourage contactless payments whenever possible. You can now order your food and drink from your table with our new app. Download Zapaygo from the app store and we will deliver your order directly to your table.


Antibacterial fogging

At night the building is sanitised with antibacterial fogging equipment especially designed for sanitising hospitals and industrial kitchens. The fogging machine creates an antibacterial fog that coats surfaces with a sterile coating that kills all bacteria and viruses and lasts for several days


Face coverings

The rules regarding face coverings are that this is the personal choice of each visitor or team member to decide whether or not they choose to wear a face covering. Riverside Hub is a huge building with an 11m high ceiling and rapid air extraction. We are restricting our visitor numbers to a maximum of 70% of our capacity, to further enable social distancing. Whether someone chooses to wear, or not wear, a face covering, is their freedom of choice. We kindly ask that our visitors use their common sense to maintain an appropriate distance from other people who are not part of their group.    


Sterilisation of loose items

We have a large UV sterilisation cabinet, which we use to sterilise the loose play items in our role-play village. The cabinet is a scaled-up version of what dentists use to sterilise their tools, it uses a strong UV light to sterilize soft animals in our vets and all our play food accessories.


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